Music for Congregations and Choirs

Mosaic was just the beginning of Lisa’s reimagining of music for services and High Holy Days. Find her arrangements here for some of the most loved music that Congregation Micah has come to know as it’s own.

Mosaic Part 2 album cover Lisa Silver

Yeish Kochavim   

Lisa Silver / Michael Hunter Ochs

Behind the Song:

Lisa and Michael Hunter Ochs collaborated on this beautiful piece, and

together the long-time musical team recorded the song in Congregation Micah’s sanctuary as part of Michael’s Anthology songbook.

Mah Tovu  – The Complete Choir  

Lisa Silver /  Jerry Kimbrough

Behind the Song:

A few years ago I thought I would try my hand at a new choral arrangement. I had musical motif for

the chorus and verses. Jerry Kimbrough wrote the bridge. Since 2015, it has been version of Mah Tovu  at Congregation Micah’s High Holy Days.

In the Image   

Lisa Silver

Music by Clayton Ivey and Lisa Silver

Lyrics by Lisa Silver

Behind the Song:

Written for the Pride Spirituality service at Congregation Micah, the song is based on the Hebrew phrase “b’tzelem Elohim” – in the image of G-d.  The image

of G-d doesn’t refer to a mirror reflection, but the 3 important human qualities: each of us has a divine spark, we are all created equal and each person has worth.


Lisa Silver

Behind the Song:

Typically, a solemn and heavy request to be inscribed in the Book of Life, Zochreinu is reimagined as a joyful prayer.

In this video, Lisa is accompanied by Congregation Micah’s volunteer band, Shabbat Shaband.

Amen May It Be So   

Lisa Silver

Featuring John Mock, guitar

Behind the Song:

Lisa wrote this moving piece for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year at Congregation Micah.

Modim We Thank You  

Lisa Silver

Music by Clayton Ivey and Lisa Silver

If I’ve Touched Your Life  

Lisa Silver & Teri Simon

Behind the Song:

Lisa wrote this moving song with Teri Simon, of blessed memory, some

years ago for the funeral of a dear friend. She has sung it now many times since for funerals, memorials and Yiskor services.

Hannukah or Chanukah   

Lisa Silver / Teri Simon / Victoria Shaw