Fun and original songs written by Lisa Silver, Teri Simon and friends for children’s choirs and family services to brighten the celebrations of the Jewish year, released in 2003. The music has stayed as an integral part of Congregation Micah’s holiday celebrations for adults and children and as regular parts of children’s services. Many of the children’s voices on this CD are now adults – some with children of their own. At the time these songs were recorded, the Kids Choir members were between the ages of 3-10. Enjoy the Bonus Track as Lisa and some of Nashville’s professional studio musicians and sound engineers navigate working with these recording divas.

Writing for children is a complex process. These selections don’t make the mistake of speaking down to children. Musically they are sometimes more complex. Lyrically they embrace complex thoughts in simple ways that embrace a child’s view with humor, spirited and even dance-able rhythms. Discover part of what members call, “The Magic of Micah” in the Kids Choir.

From the links below, you can listen to a snippet of the song or purchase an mp3. Lisa also is offering the music ripped “From the Songbook”. The link will connect you directly with Lisa. There she can arrange to create handwritten sheet music for you. In it you will find not only the music notes and words, but also her directional notes as the choir director. Ripped from the songbook are both completely usable as sheet music or framable as art.

Photo of Micah Kids Choir album cover Got Blues?

B’Ruchim Habayim  

Teri Simon

The Micah Song   

Wendy Spira / Lisa Silver / Teri Simon

The Rosh Hashanah Blessing

Lisa Silver / Teri Simon

Sing La Shanah Tova   

Teri Simon

The Rosh Hashanah Boogie   

Lisa Silver

Help Me Do It Right   

Lisa Silver / Teri Simon

I’m Sorry  

Self and Albrighten with additional lyric Lisa Silver

Toys R Us Blues   

Teri Simon

Eight Chanukah Lights  

Melody by Ross Bagdasarian, parody by Wendy Spria / Lisa Silver / Teri Simon

Why Why Why   

Lisa Silver / Victoria Shaw

Unleavened Blues 

Teri Simon

Hawaiian Hanukkah   

Lisa Silver / Teri Simon

Bonus Track  

Lisa Silver



Writers: Lisa Silver, Teri Simon and friends

Vocals: Megan Baron, Sarah Baum, Helen Brown, Ailie Green, Brandon Green, Cori Haber, Eryn Haber, Megan Kasselberg, Zoe Kimbrough, Morgan Landsberg, Reid Landsberg, Kathleen Lass, Rachel Leath, Doni Lehman, Ruby Lochnar, Nora May, Amzi Rickert, Brittany Rickert, Jacob Ritchart, Judy Rothholz, Maya Selberg, Olivia Silver, Joey Simon, Taylor Simon

Directors: Lisa Silver, Wendy Spira, Teri Simon

Recording Engineer: Jerry Kimbrough

Piano/Keyboard: Teri Simon, Victoria Shaw

Guitar: Wendy Spira, Jerry Kimbrough

Lisa Silver with Michael Hunter Ochs and the Micah Kids Choir at the Mosaic Concert