Lisa Silver Nominee the 8th Annual Grammy Awards announcement card

The song “Forty Hour Week” was nominated for a Grammy for Country Song of the Year in 1986. I attended a pre-awards party and was given the nominee card to wear so I could get in the door!

Lisa’s Memories of Writing “Forty Hour Week”

Writing with Dave Loggins and Don Schlitz was an unforgettable experience. They are master songwriters and were my mentors when I was a songwriter at MCA Music on Nashville’s Music Row.

I had just recently written a song with Dave called “Maggie’s Dream,” recorded by Don Williams. Dave reserved some time for us to write together again, in a songwriter’s room at MCA. I’m not quite sure how the song first materialized out of thin air (or Dave’s brilliant brain), but I do remember Dave singing “Hello Detroit” and I answered with “auto workers.”

He sang “Hello Pittsburgh” and I answered with “steel mill workers” and we were off and running. Don Schlitz was writing in the room next door, and Dave invited him in to work on the verses with us. When the song was complete, Dave knew we were “on to something,” as he used to say.

Alabama put the song on hold for a year and 1/2, but it was worth the wait! It was a number one song, went on to be nominated for a Grammy, and Alabama named their tour “Forty Hour Week,” I still have a “Forty Hour Week” license plate and bandana.

Lisa with the 40 Hour Week Tour tee shirt
40 Hour Week Tour Swag - pin, belt buckle and bandana
graphic photo of ford with bumper sticker honda crv with license plate from 40 Hour Week Tour

Bottom row l-r: Merlin Littlefield, Lisa Silver, Randy Owen

Top row l-r:Bob Doyle, Dave Loggins, Don Schlitz, Jeff Cook, Teddy Gentry, Mark Herndon