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Business and industry, including the performing arts, have recognized the impact of memorable unique music and songs. Lisa’s experience as a songwriter led to her co-writing the theme song for Looney Tunes’ Baby Looney Tunes as well as music for long running shows such as Scooby Doo and Krypto the Super Dog.

Lisa is available to work as a custom songwriter for your special project.

In addition, she is available to write company songs for your internal promotions with staff or shareholders. Sales meetings, employee morale and messaging from corporate offices to the field staff are just some of the reasons to invest in a company song. The new work environment in which team members are working remotely makes boosting morale and enhancing employee connection to the company missions and goals another area in which a company song can communicate in ways that typical zoom conferencing does not.



CD cover of Girl Scouts

Celebrate Together is the title cut for the album created to promote Girl Scouting within the existing Girl Scout troops in the United States.

Lisa Silver is the songwriter and producer of Celebrate Together. This is an example of professional songwriting for organizations wanting to promote their brand in a positive or compelling way to internal or external audiences.

Celebrate Together   

Lisa Silver

For A Special Occasion

A truly memorable gift just might be a song written for you about someone you love or wish to honor. It could be a special song for your wedding, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a special birthday or anniversary. It can also be to honor the memory of someone.

For these very personal and special occasions, Lisa will put her songwriting talent to work to create a special musical moment for you and will create a professional recording featuring her voice and world class studio musicians for a completely professional production.


For Congregations

Often collaborations may occur with rabbis, cantors or ministers to illustrate a favorite prayer or text.

Each of these songs are written and professionally recorded by Lisa and backed by professional studio musicians.  For those pieces written for cantors, in addition to the Lisa’s recording, sheet music and a karaoke version of the custom written piece will be available for your rabbi, cantor, cantorial soloist or music director.

An example of such a song is “Amen, May It Be So”, written for Congregation Micah as a Rosh Hashana greeting and “In the Image” which Lisa wrote for the annual Pride service. Other examples of custom songs can be found on the Mosaic, Kabbalat K’tan Shabbat and Got Blues albums.

Jewish Liturgy for Children

“Lisa is a song writer par excellence, and her original music and songs continue to advance Jewish liturgy for future generations. Commission an original song for your congregation or community!  Working with Lisa is a dream – truly.  You should be so lucky! ”  Julie Greenberg, MTS, RJE, Education Director, Congregation Micah 
Photo of Lisa with guitar sitting on the Bema at Micah with a rapt Eden and Zach (toddlers) on the floor with her